American School Band Directors Association

This is a website I happened to stumble upon when i was looking to write a paper about a professional music organization.  This organization really focuses on teaching directors who work in schools.  There are different workshops and newsletters about what is new in band directing and different ways to teach subjects in band directing.  This is a helpful source and I will continue to use this into my teaching.  American School Band Directors Association


Education Minnesota

In one of my classes a person that works for Education Minnesota came and talked to us.  She was telling us about some important things to help in our first teaching job like how to make a catch all sub plans, working on classroom management, and laws that we need to follow as teachers.  Some of these were things that I knew about however some I did not know about.  This was a great presentation and some of what she talked about is on the Education Minnesota website.  Education Minnesota

Formative Assessment tool

This is something that I found from the help of some students in my content area reading class.  This is an app/ website and can be used for a quick formative assessment in your classroom.  Students use their phone or tablet and answer from one of the four answers; kind of like multiple choice.  Then the teacher can get a graph to see how students did and where they struggled the teacher can to back and review.  This only takes a few minutes in the class and you can create your own questions to follow your content!!  Kahoot!

ACDA Website

This is a great website about choral conducting.  This has many different wonderful links and tools to help in your choral music classroom or ensemble.  They even have a career center place where you can post your resume and can look for job postings.  They offer memberships for teachers, choral directors, and for college students going to school for vocal music education.  American Choral Directors Association

Discover the orchestra one app at a time

This website I found while I was searching pinterest.  By the way pinterest has some awesome ideas for lesson plans and music stuff.  But this website shows some apps that are free that you can download to an iPad to let your students discover the orchestra.  I think this is a fun and interactive way that students are able to see the different musical talents that they may not normally see and it can be brought right to their classroom.  The children love to use tablets and anything that you can do to incorporate them will make your class that much more excited.


So an organization that is very prevalent on my campus happens to be the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).  This is a collegiate group and they help us to learn about things that are not always addressed in  classes for example simple instrument repair, learning about student teaching from people that are in the student teaching process, getting a little background information about the MTLE tests, ect.  This has been very helpful over the years.  Something else that has been extremely helpful is the NAfME website.  This website shows all the major events happening, some news articles, and it even has lesson plans.  This has been very helpful through my years of college and I hope it is able to help others too.  National Association for Music Education